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Dolphin Text Editor Menu is a small program that enhances your favorite text editor or text areas on websites with several useful functionalites via a new menu. It works with desktop programs such as Notepad, Word, Visual Studio, Chrome, and even web apps like Gmail, Hotmail and others. In fact, it works at all places where you can type sentences or paragraphs.

Dolphin Text Editor
Dolphin Text Editor

Once you install and run the program, it sits silently in the Windows system tray and shows up only when you press the hot key combination. The default key is Ctrl + NumPad0 (make sure Num Lock is on) but you can change it to any other from the program’s settings.

Some of the functionalities available are:

  • Remove text formatting
  • Count words
  • Sort text alphabetically
  • Change text case
  • Reverse line order
  • Remove blank lines
  • Remove duplicate lines
  • Change text alignment
  • Remove HTML and BBCode tags

To use any of the feature, simply highlight desired text, press the key combo and select one from the new menu.

If there are any options in the menu that you don’t use, you can easily remove them. To do this, click ‘Hide/show menu items’ on the Options dialog box. In the ‘Select menu items’ dialog box, uncheck item(s) you do not want to see on the menu.

Similarly, you can configure Dolphin Text Editor Menu to ignore certain programs so that the menu doesn’t appear in them. To do so, click  ‘select programs to be ignored’ from Options dialog box. Then select running programs in the ‘ignored programs’ list.

Dolphin Text Editor Menu can also be carried around as a portable program on your USB flash drive. To make it portable, right-click on the Dolphin icon in the system tray, select ‘Install to a memory stick’ option from the popup menu and choose a folder or drive to install to. The portable version functions exactly like the installed version.

Dolphin Text Editor Menu is a handy, free tool for non-commercial use. It works on all Windows version.

Download: Dolphin Text Editor Menu [957 KB]