Directly Access and Use Google Web Fonts in Photoshop

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Do you use Adobe Photoshop to design website mockups, and find yourself regularly downloading and installing web fonts on your computer just to see how things get along? If so, then have a look at Web Font plug-in.

Extensis Photoshop Plug-in

Web Font Plug-in is an extension that will allow you to directly access and use web fonts in Photoshop. You don’t need not to install any fonts, all you need is a working internet. The plugin provides you access to Google Web fonts and WebINK web font service, giving you a hassle-free Web-design workflow from start to finish.

Web Font plug-in is part of Suitcase Fusion – a professional font manager from Extensis. This software integrates the plug-in with the WebINK web font service, however there’s no need to purchase or use Suitcase to use the extension. The free version of Suitcase Fusion is limited to 30-days free trial, but don’t worry. The plug-in will continue to work beyond the trial period. It’s totally free and functional for lifetime.

Installing and Using Plugin

  • Select the appropriate version of SuitCase Fusion 4 for your Operating System and download it to your computer
  • Install the software and start Photoshop
  • Open Extensis Font Panel by going to Window > Extensions > Extensis
  • Choose Google Web Fonts from the dropdown box and then click on enable button
  • To apply a font, create a text layer by typing in some text, then select the Text Layer in layers palette and click on any of the fonts in the Extensis font panel

That’s it. After completing your work, save your document as you usually do.

You always get an up-to-date Google Web Fonts collection with this plugin. Whenever new fonts are added to the website, they automatically appear in the font list on Photoshop.

To use WebINK font service, you need to create a free account on Extensis WebINK web site and log into your account via Photoshop. You can use and preview all available fonts, and pay only for those that you actually use in your project.

Things to note:
Google Web fonts are open source, so you can freely use them on the web, install on your computer, and anywhere else you want. However, WebINK fonts can only be used in website mock-ups. Those fonts are not licensed to be used to create design works that are published in any other way.

Web Font plugin works with Adobe Photoshop CS5+, and it is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

If you design website mockups in Photoshop then Web Font Plug-in is something that you will surely find useful.

Download: Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop
Image via Extensis