Download Facebook Messenger Application for Windows

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Ever wanted an independent chat client for Facebook? If yes, then check out the Facebook Messenger application for Windows.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a tiny chat client that enables you to enjoy Facebook functions on your desktop without using a browser. With it, you can chat, of course, plus accept/reject friend requests, get instant notifications and see the latest updates from your friends in the live ticker. Group chat and video call features are missing at the moment.

How to Install Facebook Messenger

Download the executable file from here and run it. It’s an online installer. Once installed, click on the log in button, sign into your Facebook account and grant the app access. That’s all to it. You should then see your friend list and the live ticker in the “undocked” interface.

If you have gotten used to the Facebook sidebar by now, then you can dock this application to the right side of your screen to get a similar feel. This would allow you to experience Facebook even while using any desktop program. You also get chat notification sound.

You stay logged in on Facebook as long as the app is running. To log out, right-click on the tray icon and click on Log out.

This application is not officially offered by Facebook yet, but it is hosted and signed by Facebook. So that assures, it’s safe to use.

Download: Facebook Messenger [Softpedia]