Hide Facebook Live Feed Ticker and Disable Floating Bar

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Facebook has started rolling out several new design changes (redesigned news feed, privacy settings, floating top bar) and features (live feed ticker and subscriptions) in the past couple of days. These changes were being tested among a small number of users for many days, but now they are live across the site. If you don’t see it yet, just wait a while.

As usual many users are annoyed with the new changes in Facebook chat. If you share similar feelings, here I will show you some ways to hide the live feed ticker and disable the floating top bar.

Update: Here is the best solution yet: Facebook Chat Cleaner. It is a light-weight userscript for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It hides the new Ticker along with all offline friends. In a way, it brings back the old Facebook chat we all loved.

Facebook Chat Cleaner
Facebook Chat Cleaner

No settings or configurations needed. Install it, and you are good to go.

Install: Facebook Chat Cleaner

With an extension like AdBlock, you can easily hide or remove the “Live Ticker”. Below you can see the result:

Hide Facebook Ticker
Hide Facebook Ticker

I’m assuming you have AdBlock extension installed, if not you can get it from the official repository for both Chrome and Firefox. Once installed, go to its settings page and click on ‘Customize’ tab. Under filters section, add these two filters:


That will remove the ticker from your sidebar chat and from the homepage. Facebook keeps on changing things, so if the above filters doesn’t work for you, manually block it by selecting “block an ad on this page” option available in the AdBlock extension.

If you use only Chrome browser, you can hide the ticker and disable the floating bar with an extension called Unannoying Facebook.

Hide Facebook Live Ticker on Homepage
Hide Facebook Live Ticker on Homepage

Another way to hide the ticker is by installing the “Better Facebook” extension, available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Once you have it installed on your browser, click on the “Better Facebook! Options” button.

Enable “Advanced Options Mode” and then click on CSS. Paste the following CSS snippet to the area provided.

 /* Hide Facebook live ticker */
 .ticker_stream { display:none !important; }

Save the settings and refresh page to see the changes.

Do note, filters or extensions won’t prevent your information from being displayed on your friends ticker. Those methods are only good for you. But still, you can take some measures to stop unwanted updates from popping up on your friends ticker by adjusting your privacy settings.

For instance, if you don’t want your friends to know a certain app you are using then just go to your account’s app settings page and change the particular app’s ‘App activity privacy’ option to ‘Only Me’.

Facebook App privacy
Facebook App privacy

Download: Unannoying Facebook

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