Get Back Old Facebook Chat with Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion

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Couple of weeks ago, Facebook rolled out a bevy of new chat features, including the much-hyped Skype video chat integration. During this roll-out, the layout and functionality of Facebook chat was changed as well. The new Facebook chat is now shown as a sidebar on the right-side of the page and all your friends are shown, including those who are offline.

If you’re annoyed with the new Facebook chat, there’s once again a userscript to the rescue.

Update: This script has stopped working. For some alternative solutions, see this post.

The userscript named Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion gets rid of the new Facebook chat sidebar and replaces it with one like the original. It also hides offline friends and shows all online and idle friends, not just the ones you talk to frequently.

Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion
New and Old Facebook Chat Layout

It also doesn’t hinder with the new video chat and group chat feature. You can search for friends, minimize chat tab and friend list. You can see preview of the chat layout before and after installing the script (left one).

Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion userscript works on Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox – after installing Greasemonkey add-on. It works straight out of the book and requires no configuration.

Install: Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion

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