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Google recently rolled out a new feature in Google Plus that made the notification bar and the gray navigation bar below it more accessible to users, by making them float at the top of all Plus pages. If you want a similar floating bar in Facebook, check out Facebook Fixed Header.

Facebook Fixed Header is a userscript that keeps the Facebook navigation menu ‘fixed’ to the top of the screen, while the content scrolls under it. This means you have quick access to your friend requests, messages, notifications, as well as your account settings, always ready to be clicked even while you scroll down a page.

Facebook Fixed Header
Facebook Fixed Header

Apart from the floating bar, this extension adds two other handy features to the navigation bar – profile bookmarks and a Top link. Profile bookmarking feature allows you to bookmark up to seven Facebook profiles or fan pages to the navigation bar. To bookmark a profile or fan page, you just need to provide the extension with the username or ID, and it will show up as a thumbnail on the bar. The Top link, when clicked, takes you immediately to the top of the page.

The userscript saves each user’s settings individually. This is useful if you share the browser with other Facebook users. Each user can personalize the navigation bar as they want.

To access the script’s settings, go to Account > Facebook Fixed Header Options. Here you would also be able to see a user/page ID, when accessed on their profile.

Facebook Fixed Header (Always-At-Top) works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and Safari (with Greasekit).

Install: Facebook Fixed Header

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