Nocs: A Notepad Alternative with Google Docs Synchronization

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Nocs is a simple and light weight application that can be used as a perfect alternative to Notepad on Windows.


It provides all the functionality of Notepad such as word wrap, font customization, find & replace, etc. and additionally provides the ability to sync all documents with Google Docs, which it does using Google Document API.
On first run, Nocs will prompt for your Google Docs credentials.

Nocs Login

Enter it and Validate.

Now you can start creating text documents or open an exisiting document that’s saved on Google Docs.

Note: Nocs doesn’t support rich text formatting. So do not edit Docs documents containing hyperlinks, images or any text formatting. You will lose all formatting.

By default Nocs syncs docs only when you save it, but this can be changed and set to auto-sync at a preferred time from Preferences, found under Options.

You can “Pin” a document to automatically open it on starting Nocs.

It also supports folders from Docs. So, you can browse, create, delete or rename any of your existing folders.

Nocs Folders

Nocs is made to work online but it can also be used for offline creating, and editing of text documents. Though, there is no option for offline sync.

And finally it supports proxy. You can enter any custom proxy settings into the application for connection.

Undoubtedly Nocs provides the easiest way to sync your documents with Google Docs, but if it supported rich text editing, it would have been the best application out there.

Download: Nocs