Scan Your Computer with 8 Anti-Viruses using AVERT

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No one antivirus may provide protection from all viruses but installing multiple antivirus is also not a good idea because of conflict and system slow down.

Enter AVERT, which stands for Automatic Virus Eradication & Removal Tool, lets you have up to 8 antivirus engines (Asquared, ClamWin, Vba32, Trend Micro, VIPRE, Sophos, Panda and Avira) and they won’t even slow down your computer.

AVERT is an on-demand scanner, so no slowing down of system.

By default, AVERT comes with only one Antivirus scanner, which is VIPRE. But using the tools option, you can choose and download the other Antivirus engines and definitions you’d like to use.

AVERT can clean temp file directories using CCleaner and also backup registry, reset windows HOSTS file and reset Windows proxy.

AVERT is a portable application and weighs only 3.4Mb. It works on all Windows versions.

Download: AVERT