Tiny Window Borders Can Resize Windows 8 Border Width

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Tiny Windows Borders is a portable application for those Windows 8 users who are not happy with the default Windows border size or are looking for a simple way to change window border width.

In Windows versions prior to 8, users could change window border size to desired width using the advanced appearance settings dialog. But since this feature has been removed in Windows 8, the only to way to change window width now is using the Registry Editor. If you aren’t comfortable with the registry method, try this simple easy-to-use tool.

Tiny Windows Borders allows users to resize window border using a simple slider interface:

Tiny Window Borders

The default Windows 8 border size is 3px. Using this tool you can reduce it down to 1px or increase all the way up to 10px by moving the slider to far right. After setting desired width, click on “Log off to apply the changes” button. You’re immediately logged off, so make sure to save unsaved changes in open programs before hitting the button.

When you log in again, all windows’ width will be of your chosen size.

Tiny Window Borders works with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8.