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New Facebook Mobile App for Regular Cellphone Users

Facebook has launched a new app for regular cellphone users rather than those with smartphones. The app, developed in partnership with Snaptu, is designed to provide easy navigation, synchronization of contacts with the phone, and fast scrolling through news feeds and photos. The Java app will work on more than 2,500 different […]

Opera Mobile 10.1 for Nokia Smartphones

After two weeks from the release of Opera 10.1 for Android, today Opera has launched Opera 10.1 for Nokia Symbian Series 60 smartphone. The new browser has significantly faster JavaScript performance with the debut of the Carakan JavaScript engine, the same engine that drives the Opera desktop browser. It claims […]

A Facebook App to Find your Gmail Contacts

Both Google and Facebook have stopped support for each other now. This means you cannot find your Gmail contacts in Facebook the official way. Enter Gmail Contacts, a Facebook app that finds which of your Gmail contacts are on Facebook and then gives you the option to friend them.