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Dropbox 1.0 Final Released

Dropbox, the multi-platform file syncing application has been updated to version 1.0. Much of the major work has been under the hood as the update has made hundreds of bug fixes, reduced resource usage by almost 50 percent in some cases, faster sync, a new Cocoa engine for the Mac version […]

Dropbox Hits Version 1.0.0

Dropbox has released Version 1.0.0 Release Candidate of their desktop application. The update adds a new feature called “Selective Sync.” This allows you to keep any folder only in the cloud and not download them to your computer whenever you synchronize. Other than this it’s mainly fixes of the previous version 0.8.114. […]

Mail Your Files to Dropbox

Ever wished you could mail files to your Dropbox account? Then here are 3 sites that does exactly that: Send To Dropbox, AirDropper and Habilis. These sites, also makes it possible for anyone else you want to be able to upload files to your account, without giving out your id or password or […]