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Always Start Google Chrome in Incognito Mode

Incognito mode in Google Chrome always you to browse the internet without leaving any traces of your activities behind. If you want Google Chrome browser to start in Incognito each time you run it. Then there is a simple solution by which you can do this. Right click on the Google Chrome shortcut and select […]

Back Up Your Google Chrome Profile

You might be backing up your documents and files regularly but its as important to backup your browser preferences, passwords and bookmarks. Extensions are available in Firefox to automate this process but its not yet available in Chrome atleast for the stable version. If you want to just back up […]

Enable User Scripts in Google Chrome

Update: You can directly install userscripts as extension in latest Google Chrome versions. In the Development Channel, Chrome adds the ability for users to add extensions to the browser, however extensions are not enabled by default and you will have to specify some startup parameters to them. To enable extensions […]