Access Linux Drives and Partitions from Windows

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If you have both Windows and Linux installed then you may want to access files from the other operating system. You won’t have any trouble accessing files from a Windows partitioned drive through Linux as it has NTFS-3G, which enables complete read and write access to Windows drives but the problem arises when you want to access files from a Linux partitioned drive through Windows. Linux uses the Ext4 file system and Windows cannot access this by default.

So, here’s a solution. There’s a free portable application called Ext2explore available using this you can access your Linux drives and partitions from Windows.

Ext2explore provides an explorer like interface through which you can view and copy files and folders from a Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 partition.

To copy any file/folder, just right-click on it and select Save. Unfortunately it’s not possible to write to the partition though.

Note: If are on Windows 7/Vista, then you need to run the application as an Administrator.

Download: Ext2explore