Allows Readers to Correct Mistakes in Website Content

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Not every blogger is a professional writer, so there are bound to be occasional typos and grammatical errors in a post. Usually when a visitor comes across such an error, they leave a comment on the post informing about the mistake. If you want a better means of user feedback, check out

Correct.Li is an interesting new tool that aims to help website and blog owners in correcting mistakes in their articles by implementing a crowd-based editing service. Once set up, when a visitor spots a mistake in a post, they can simply select the text, type-in the correction, and submit the changes in order for the admin to make the correction. Admin are instantly notified of the user feedback via an email.

Setting up works similar to Google Analytics or Thinglink – you just have to add a JavaScript code snippet to your website.


  • First, visit the service’s homepage and enter your email address to generate the API key.
  • Inside the email, you will get the link to access the services’ control panel.
  • Log in on the site and add your site’s URL in the left pane.
  • Next, configure the API and test it in the left pane
  • When you are happy with the settings, save the API configuration.
  • Finally, copy your code and place it at the bottom (before </body> tag) of your site’s page.

On the configuration page, you can set the minimum and maximum submittable characters through the form. Four combinations are available to activate the form, pick the one your users would best respond to.

It’s that simple to setup. If you are running a WordPress site, there’s a plugin available. Joomla and Drupal plugins would also be available soon. is free and will remain free, though additional premium features are planned to offset the costs of running the application.

All-in-all, forms are unobtrusive to website visitors and is really simple to use. Follow below link to try it for yourself.