Disable Gmail’s New Pop Up Compose Mail Window

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Google recently started testing a new pop-up compose window in Gmail. The new design works a lot like the existing pop-up chat by opening a message compose window over you inbox. So while composing a message, you can browse other emails in your inbox for referencing or for any specific information. You can even have multiple compose windows open at the same to write separate messages and minimize them at will, just like chats. This allows for better multitasking.

I personally love this new feature as I often need to look up into old emails while writing, however many people may not share the same feeling. If you’re annoyed with the change, here’s how you can switch back to the old compose window.

  • Login in to your Gmail account, and open a new compose window.
  • When the window appears, click on the down arrow button seen at the bottom-right corner of the message window.
  • Gmail Pop Up Compose Window

  • Find “Switch back to old compose” at the top of the menu and click on it.

That’s it! The page will now reload and you will have the old compose method back again.

If you’d ever like to get back to the new method, simply click on the link that says “try out the new compose experience” when you write a new mail.