Disable Portable Apps Splash Screen

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Portable applications are great as one can carry their favorite apps on their flash drives, and run anywhere without worrying about leaving any traces on the host computer.

I carry my browser, password manager and some other apps on my flash drive. One annoying feature of these apps is the annoying splash screens that appear when launching them.

PortableApps Spash Screen

Here I will show how you can disable the splash screen.

In the portable app folder browse to Other > Source folder. Ex. SudokuPortable\Other\Source

In that folder you’ll find a .ini file. Ex. SudokuPortable.ini. Open it in a text-editor such as Notepad.

The ini file should look similar to the image below.

PortableApps INI File

In that, by default the line DisableSplashScreen=false. Just change it to true and save the file.

Now copy the .ini file you just edited and go back to the main app directory and paste it there.

That’s it! Now you won’t have to wait for the Splash Screen anymore.

To revert back to the old settings, simply delete the .ini file that’s in the main folder.

This is the same method in all other PortableApps as well.