Minimal Cursor Packs for Windows

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In this post, I have listed the most popular minimal cursor sets available on deviantART. All sets are completely free, so choose one that goes with your theme and download it.

Glo Cursors
Glo cursor scheme
Dowload: Glo Cursors Scheme

How to a cursors pack?
Extract the download archive file to a folder on your computer. Among the cursors, you will find a .inf file. Right click on it and click install. The cursors are now installed on your computer. You can delete the extracted files if you wish.

To select the installed scheme, head over to Windows Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers Tab. The pack is listed in the Schemes list. Click on the dropdown, select the scheme you just installed, and hit OK.

How to uninstall a cursor pack?
Go to Windows Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers Tab > Select a cursor scheme > Click Delete > Confirm. The selected pack has now been removed from your system. You can check it by clicking on the Scheme dropdown box.

Glacier Cursors
Glacier cursor scheme
Dowload: Glacier Cursors Scheme

Token Dark and Light Cursors
Token dark and light cursor scheme
Dowload: Token Dark Scheme | Token Light Scheme

Simplify Cursors
Simplify dark and light cursor scheme
Dowload: Simplify Cursors Scheme

Shadow cursor
shadow cursor scheme
Download: Shadow Cursor Scheme

MoonShine v2
MoonShine-v2 cursor scheme
Dowload: MoonShine v2 Cursor Scheme

Polar and Obsidian Cursor Set
Polar and Obsidian cursor schemes
Dowload: Polar Cursor Scheme | Obsidian Cursor Scheme

Entis Cursors
Entis cursor scheme
Dowload: Entis Cursor scheme

Eclair cursor schemeDowload: Eclair

a0x curset 1

This pack doesn’t have an installer. To use it, you have to manually select a cursor for each event in the Mouse settings dialog.
Dowload: a0x curset 1

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