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Posts that don’t fit in other categories on SumTips. This can even include stuffs that are not related to tech, but still interesting.

Talk to Santa for Free from a Vonage Phone

Vonage, the Voice Over IP company announced that its annual CALL SANTA program is back. Parents can now help their children call Santa (only from a Vonage phone) and leave a voice message telling what they want for Christmas. The recorded message will then be sent to the account holder’s e-mail address so they […]

Laptop Webcam Can Tell If Your Heart is Healthy

Ming-Zher Poh, a graduate student at MIT, has made it possible for a webcam to tell how healthy you and your heart are, by just looking at you. There’s no need to hook yourself up to any machine, or test your blood. Just look at the webcam, and you’ll have your result […]