Customize New Google Drop Down menu with Big G Drop Down Sorter

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You might have already seen the redesigned Google drop-down menu bar. If not, you can see it in the below image. This new Google menu replaces the present dark horizontal bar at the top of the page on all Google products and services, and it will be gradually rolled out to all users.

Google Drop-down Menu Bar
Google Drop-down Menu Bar

Customize Google Menu
Some days back, a hack was flowing around the internet that allowed people to get this new bar before it was officially available for their account. That involved messing around with browser cookies, which novice users may not like.

Now with a new extension called Big G Drop Down Sorter, you can immediately get the new bar on installation, and as a bonus, it also lets you customize the bar by reordering the various Google services by just dragging and dropping.

1. To enable new Google menu bar, install Big G Drop Down Sorter [link at the end of post] extension from Chrome Web Store. Once installed, head over to Google homepage and you should see a new gray bar at the top.

2. To see the new drop-down menu, just mouse over the Google logo at the top-left corner of the page. Now customize the bar by simply dragging and dropping various products and services the way you want. For instance, you could move your frequently used services to the top of the list for quicker access and other less frequently used ones down.
Initially only eight services are visible, to view more just hover over ‘More’ option. You can customize the entire bar, even the hidden section under More.

As of now, this extension is available only for Google Chrome. If you know an extension with similar feature for other browsers, let me know in the comments.

Install: Big G Drop Down Sorter