Download Images in Original Size from Google Plus, Picasa

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Daily many interesting photos are upload on Google+ by some very talented photographers. You may want to download some of the photos to set as your wallpaper or just because you like it. Sadly, Google+ doesn’t offer an option to download images in original size. That’s where Original Picasa extension comes in.

Original Picasa is an extension for Google Chrome that makes it quite easy for you to download images uploaded on Google+ or any Picasa album in original size.

Original Picasa Extension
Original Picasa Extension

Once installed, the extension adds a new open option in the right-click menu. Now when you wish to save an image, just right-click on it and select “Open Original Image” context-menu option. Immediately, a new tab will open up with the image in original size. From there you can save it to your computer.

This extension works anywhere an image hosted on Picasa is found, this includes all blogger blogs as well.

Manual method:

Even if you don’t install this extension, it is possible to download original images from Picasa but it’s just not that quick or easy.

This is an example of an image URL:


To get the original image, you just need to replace the highlighted part with s0. In place of h301, it could also be s1600 or something else depending on the server and thumbnail image size.

Install: Original Picasa Extension