Add Option to Hide/Show Comments on Google+ Posts with +Comment Toggle

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You might have already seen and installed several useful extensions for Google+ that provides various features that are missing on the networking site. So here’s another handy extension called +Comment Toggle.

+Comment Toggle
+Comment Toggle

This extension adds a new comment toggle button to all post in your stream, allowing you to collapse all comments made on a particular post. This will make scrolling through your stream much easier among those popular posts on which everyone appears to be commenting on.

Along with the total number of comments, it also shows you the number of unread comments on a post. Read comments are categorized as “Old,” and new unread comments are indicated as “New.”

+Comment Toggle is pretty simple and works straight out of the box. Until Google builds something specifically for controlling comments this is quite useful.

As many other extensions for Google+, +Comment Toggle is also currently exclusive to Google Chrome.

Install: +Comment Toggle