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Disable GPU Rendering in Internet Explorer 9

GPU rendering(Hardware Acceleration) is enabled in Internet Explorer 9 by default to offer next-generation experiences with text, graphics, and video. If you’re experiencing issues or have a lower configured system, then you might want to disable this feature and switch to software rendering. To disable GPU rendering follow these steps: Go to “Tools” icon and select […]

Back Up Your Google Chrome Profile

You might be backing up your documents and files regularly but its as important to backup your browser preferences, passwords and bookmarks. Extensions are available in Firefox to automate this process but its not yet available in Chrome atleast for the stable version. If you want to just back up […]

Download Flash Files from Sites using your Browser

Flash animation files are embedded as SWF (Small Web Format) files in webpages. Rather than depending on any software or a third-party website, downloading Flash content is dead simple. The only tool required is a browser and a bit of patience to do the rummaging around. Just one note: As […]

Downloaders Browser [Wyzo]

Wyzo is a new browser that has as a main focus the optimization of your online media experience. Wyzo gives you easy access to all your favourite media sites, downloading media content and inform your friends about your discoveries. It is built from the ground up on the Firefox core, […]

Where Are FireFox Bookmarks Stored

Firefox has a pretty decent bookmark management system that allows you to store your favorites websites, so that you can visit them in future. Firefox saves your personal information such as bookmarks , passwords, and user preferences in a set of files called your profile , which is stored in […]

Firefox Bookmarks

Bookmarks (also called Favorites in some browsers) let you save links to pages in Firefox. You can easily revisit pages without having to remember the address or search for them again, much like using bookmarks in a book. How to bookmark a page? There are many ways to bookmark a […]