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Setup a Google Chrome Startup Password

If you save all your passwords in Google Chrome, you already know it’s accessible by anyone who opens the browser with/without your permission. Moreover, they will also have access to your bookmarks and surfing history. Using profiles is the only way to protect those details from others. But if you are looking […]

Opera 11 Will Support Extensions

Opera announced that version 11 of Opera browser will support extensions. It means Opera’s desktop browser will get the ability to be customized by users via extensions just like Chrome and Firefox. Opera 11 Alpha will be available soon at Additional information about Opera 11 extension support: What are Opera […]

Backup and Restore All Browsers in 3 Steps

Wouldn’t you like a single application that can backup and restore all browsers installed on your computer, instead of having to do them manually or using individual application for each browser? Then that’s exactly what FavBackup does. It can backup/restore your profile, settings, bookmarks, passwords, and more for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla […]