Write Email in Markdown on Chrome, Firefox, and Thunderbird

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Markdown syntax allows users to write text naturally, keeping the text enjoyable for a person to read, and then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML) without even using HTML tags. This makes Markdown document publishable as-is, in plain text.

If you often write codes in email, you’d know how tedious it can be. To makes things easy, install the Markdown Here extension.

Markdown Here

Markdown Here is an extension that lets you write email in Markdown and render it before sending with syntax highlighting. It’s available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Thunderbird.

The extension works perfectly with all popular email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and also Google Groups posts.

Using Markdown Here

  • Once the extension is installed, enter Compose mode in the webmail service of your choice.
  • Enable Rich Text editor. In Thunderbird, enable “Compose messages in HTML format”.
  • Write in Markdown. For example:
  • **Hello** `world`.
    alert('Hello syntax highlighting.');
  • When you are done, right-click in the compose box and choose the “Markdown Toggle” item from the context menu to see your email rendered correctly from Markdown into rich HTML.

That’s it! Send this mail to whoever you want, and it will appear exactly how it looks to you.

To revert back to Markdown from HTML, just right-click anywhere in the compose box, and click the “Markdown Toggle” menu item again.

If you just want to convert a particular block of code to HTML, select the desired text, right-click on it, and click the “Markdown Toggle” menu item.

As simple as that!

Download Markdown Here: Chrome | Firefox