Yale, Portable App to Monitor CPU, Hard Disk & Network Usage

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Yale is a light-weight, portable monitoring tool which shows real time activity information of your system’s processor, hard disk, and all network interfaces and connections.

Yale Network Adapter Usage
Yale Network Adapter Usage

On running, it shows the current CPU usage, hard drive transfer rate, and the network transfer rates for all adapters – separated into up and down link – in a small panel over the system tray. On the graph, you can visualize the resource use history for the past few seconds. This panel stays on top of all other windows, allowing you to constantly monitor resource usage.

If you want further insight into your network usage, click on a network adapter to expand the panel. You can now see categorized information for TCP, UDP, HTTPS, FTP, etc network protocols. Your upload speed is highlighted in red color, while the download speed is in blue. And, if you don’t wish to see information regarding a particular protocol, simply double-click on it to hide. To manage hidden informations, right-click on the tray icon and click Config. A window as below should popup:
Yale Configuration
To re-show a hidden element, click on it and hit the Remove button; it will again show up in the panel.

Yale doesn’t give you any advance control to manage each protocols, but it is a handy app to constantly monitor how your system is performing.

Yale is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and later.

Note: While testing, Comodo’s Heuristic detection engine detected this app as being suspicious. I have scanned it on VirusTotal and again, the only antivirus that brought up an alert was Comodo. This is probably a false positive, and the download is on Softpedia, so be assured.

Download: Yale