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Shuffle Through Likes by Your Friends

FriendShuffle is a simple service that allows you to randomly shuffle through links shared by your Facebook and Twitter friends. Visit FriendShuffle and log in with your Facebook and/or Twitter account and it will create a web-framed slideshow of the pages “Liked” by your friends on Facebook or links that your friends have shared […]

Create a Profile Picture Using Your Friends

Frintr is a website that lets you create a Mosaic style picture using your friends’ profile picture from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Login Frintr with your Facebook, MySpace or Twitter account and it will fetch profile pictures of all your friends and create a mosaic picture. The resultant picture when […]

Cancel A Friend Request On Facebook

Ever sent a friend request to someone on Facebook and later wished you hadn’t done that? There was no way to cancel a friend request earlier other than blocking the user completely. Today Facebook has added a new feature which enables you to cancel any friend requests you have sent, if […]

Countries where 0.facebook is Available

Facebook launched 0.facebook.com a stripped-down version of its mobile site in partnership with more than 50 mobile operators from 45 different countries for users without unlimited data plans. To see where its available take a look at the list below. The 0.facebook.com site is only available on the networks of these […]