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Google is Launching Two-Step Authentication

Google is launching today two-step authentication for Google Apps Premiere, Education, and Government edition customers, with plans to bring it to all Google users in the next two months. This will give the capability to verify a person’s identity with a code sent to the user’s mobile device. The login system that […]

Google Homepage Gets Custom Background Images

Google is rolling out a new feature today, which allows users to customize their Google homepage with custom background. To use this feature, you need to be signed into your account. To customize your Google background, sign into your account and then click on the link seen at the lower […]

Do Encrypted Google Search

You can now start searching securely using Google, thanks to the introduction of their new encrypted Google web search feature accessible at Update: Google Encrypted Search is now moved to The search experience between the regular search engine and the encrypted search engine will almost remain the same, except […]

The Google Start Page:Gpanion

Gpanion can be termed as a start page wholly devoted to Google applications. You can access all of the applications and services that Google provides with a mere click. It tries to make it a bit easier for people to quickly access any of 46 Google apps by laying them […]

Now Google in Gmail

Gmail’s making it easier and easier to do more and more from a single browser window. Often while writing an email we tend to search for something, now this involves opening a new tab, copying the content, then heading back to paste it. Gmail’s latest Labs feature consolidates that process […]

Enable User Scripts in Google Chrome

Update: You can directly install userscripts as extension in latest Google Chrome versions. In the Development Channel, Chrome adds the ability for users to add extensions to the browser, however extensions are not enabled by default and you will have to specify some startup parameters to them. To enable extensions […]