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SoundCloud is a great place to host and share personal music creations with friends and the world. Along with hosting, you can also discover some great music shared by some very talented people here. They share their original creations as well as remixes of popular songs. Many of the songs on the services has a download option that lets you save the music for offline usage. But more often than not, you may find that the one you like don’t have this option. In such cases, you can use the Soundcloud Super userscript.


Once you’ve this script installed, you will find a new “Use right click save as to download” button in each song’s header. This download button is displayed on every page, both for visitors and logged in users. This button links directly to the music MP3 file on the SoundCloud server. So to save a song on your computer, just right-click on it and select Save link as to initiate the download. During the saving process, remember to save the MP3 file with appropriate file name as the script doesn’t do that.

Another feature the script offers is recommendations. Below each song, you will find a list of recommended songs related to the one you are looking at or are playing. Recommendations are provided by tapping into Easyrec, the open source recommendation engine. You may see recommendations only after 24 hours of the script’s installation.

Soundcloud Super +2 userscript is a handy way to save music from SoundCloud, and it works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Install: Soundcloud Super +2

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