How to Activate or Deactivate Individual Jetpack Modules

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Jetpack is a powerful plugin which brings goodness to self hosted WordPress sites. It comes with many features in it, such as site stats, email subscription, infinite scroll, mobile theme, URL shortener, and many more. You can use all features after connecting the plugin with a (free) account.

A problem Jetpack is that many of its features, known as Jetpack modules, are activated by default. As of writing, there are 24 modules available, and of these, 18 modules are enabled automatically on activation of the plugin even if you are not going to use those feature.

Jetpack does allow you to activate or deactivate individual Jetpack modules, but the option is very well hidden. You won’t even notice it’s there on first visiting the plugin dashboard page.

Activate or Deactivate Individual Jetpack Modules

Here are the steps to selectively manage features:

  1. Find the feature you want to manage in the module list.
  2. Once you find it, click on Learn more button on the module.
  3. A Deactivate button will appear in place of Configure, click on it.
  4. Jetpack module deactivate

That’s it. The page will reload and you’ll see a message at the top informing of the deactivation.

You can later re-activate the feature the same way in case you want it back, but this time you’ll see a Activate button instead of “Learn More” on the module.