Collaborative Photo Sharing with Yogile

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Yogile is a simple photo sharing service that allows you to share images privately or within groups. Doesn’t sound any different from other photo sharing services? Well here’s the stand out feature-Yogile lets people with whom you share photos contribute to the albums as well.

This means your friends, family or anyone that you allow can collaborate on an album, and to do so they don’t even need to sign up on the site, keeping the process extremely simple and hassle-free. Only the user who initiates the photo gathering has to signup for the service, which takes less than 5 seconds since there is no email verification process.

This collaboration feature is something that’s missing from many of the already established photo sharing sites and it can be extremely useful following an event. Ex. a concert, wedding, birthday, etc. All attendees would be capturing their own snaps, so they might be having some cool photo that you may have missed. While you might ask everyone to email their images around, Yogile provides a single place where everyone can share their images online. Anyone with access to the album can also later download the entire album.

When you create an album on Yogile, you get a customizable URL and a email address which you can share with anyone you want to contribute. With the album you have the option of listing it publicly on Yogile, sharing only with users who have the URL or for utmost privacy, you can choose not to list it publicly and password protect it so that no one can view or add photos unless they have the URL and password.

Yogile has a clean UI and you can view your galleries in a number of ways, including a slideshow view. Hovering over any of the images gives you the option of moving forward or back through your gallery, as well as downloading, deleting or rotating your photo.

Photos can be uploaded to Yogile in two ways: directly from the site or you can send the photos to the album-specific email and they will be added to the album. If the album is password protected, simply add the password to the body of the email.

When someone adds a photo to your album, you will get an email notification. That is the default setting for your albums, but you can choose to switch notifications off.

Free Yogile accounts are limited to 100 MB uploads per month. If that isn’t enough, there is a paid upgrade option for unlimited photo uploads, albums and storage for $24.95 a year. You can keep track of your usage each time you upload a new photo.