Create and Share Secret Self Deleting Messages Online

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Ever had the need to send some sensitive information—say, a password—over the internet? The first mode of secure communication that comes to mind is email, but it isn’t always a safe option. The problem with using email is that they’ll likely be stored forever for anyone to see that might eventually gain access. For such a need, here are two great online services: One Time Secret and QuickForget. They allow users to send sensitive information online without leaving a digital trail, and you don’t even have to entrust the recipient to delete the message after reading.

One Time Secret

One Time Secret
One Time Secret

One Time Secret is a service that allows you to share a secret just once. It can be a password, secret message or private links.

How to use One Time Secret

Visit the site, type in your message and click on “Create a secret link” button. A unique, encrypted link is generated that you can share by copy-pasting into an email or IM. Along with the shareable link, you also get a private link for tracking purposes. By visiting this URL you can know if the message has been viewed.

While creating a secret link, you can set the period of time for the secret to expire. A message is automatically deleted once viewed, but with an expiry time set, you can be assured the message gets deleted even if it doesn’t get accessed within the allotted time.

To add an additional layer of security to your message, you can also protect it with a password, so the person you’re sharing it with needs both the secret URL and the passphrase.

Visit: One Time Secret



QuickForget is similar to the above service but with a tiny difference – you can set number of viewings after which the message is destroyed. This is useful if you need to send the secret to more than one person. You can choose the number of ‘views’ the secret has as well as the number of hours it’s available for viewing.

How to use QuickForget

Simply type in or paste your secret message in the gray box, choose how many views it can have and how many hours it should be kept. Say you want the message to be deleted after 5 views or after 2½ days then enter 5 and 61 (just over 2.5 days) respectively. The message will be deleted when one of the two is reached first. When you’re done, just hit “Save my secret” and you’ll be given a link that you can send to your recipient to retrieve the secret message.

When the recipient looks at the message, they will see the secret message and towards the bottom of the page, they will be also be shown a notifier as to how much longer (Pacific Standard Time) and for how many more views the secret will be saved.

Visit: QuickForget

That’s how easily you can create a secret agent-like self-destructing message for whatever reason you may have. Both services use encrypted connection and you can use them without registration.