View Tweets as Snowflakes on Tweetflakes

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Tweetflakes is a web application that fetches tweets from Twitter and converts it into beautiful snowflakes.


On visiting the site it automatically starts displaying tweets from all users, but if you want to view tweetflakes from only a selected user, enter their name in the text field found at the bottom-left of the page and hit Go.

TweetFlakes does not display all the tweets but only those containing the #xmas hashtag. So, to generate your own tweetflake, just tweet with #xmas hashtag and see it get transformed before your eyes.

To see the message just hover mouse over a tweetflake, and you can also click on a particular tweet to view it in full page.

As with real snowflakes these virtual tweetflakes are of various designs. With Christmas getting closer, Tweetflakes will only get prettier with the number of tweets increasing. You could also keep the browser window open and use it as a live wallpaper.

Visit: Tweetflakes

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