Add, Edit Torrent Search Engines in uTorrent

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The stable version of µTorrent 2.2 was released yesterday. µTorrent allows you to search for torrents from within the application itself. By default it comes with only two search providers: BitTorrent and Google. If you want to add more torrent search engines of your choice you can do so.

If you have µTorrent 2.2 installed, click on “Find Content” in the left panel. You will get a big search bar as seen below. Now click on the small arrow pointing downward and select “Manage Search Providers…

In the Search Engines section, you can now see the engines that are already available in µTorrent. Here you can add or remove the search engines you want.

Here’s a list of search providers that you can use:

  • Bitenova | =
  • BitTorrent | =
  • Btjunkie | =
  • Meganova | =
  • IsoHunt | =
  • Mininova | =
  • Pointblank | =
  • Seedler |
  • The Pirate Bay | =
  • TorrentSpy | =
  • TorrentBox | =
  • TorrentReactor | =
  • TorrentPortal | =
If you have an earlier version of µTorrent installed, you can get this option by going to Options – > Preferences -> Advanced -> UI Extras.

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