Replace Picasa, Google+ Photos Without Losing Comments

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Want to replace an existing photo on Picasa or Google+ without loosing comments or breaking the links pointing to it? Then just download the photo to your computer using Picasa desktop application and replace it with the new image you want. Finally sync the replaced photo back to your online account.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:



  • Picasa desktop application (Not installed? Get it here: for Windows, Mac OS and Linux)
  • Once installed, run and sign in to Picasa web albums with your Google account (link on top right corner of the application)

Replace a synced photo

It’s very easy to replace a photo that’s already synced to a folder on your computer.

  1. Open the synced folder containing the photo you want to replace on your hard drive and copy photo’s name to clipboard
  2. Now rename the other photo (the one you want as the new online photo) with the copied name
  3. Now just overwrite the photo in the synced folder with the one you just renamed

Now Picasa will do the rest by updating the online image with your new image.

Replace an online photo

This should be used for photos that are not synced to an online album.

  1. Click on File > Import from Picasa Web Album in the desktop application
  2. Select the Album containing the photo and import it
  3. Locate the desired photo in the downloaded album on your hard drive and copy its name
  4. Now rename the existing photo (the one you want to replace with) on your hard drive with the downloaded photo name
  5. Then overwrite downloaded photo
  6. Finally in Picasa application, right-click on the replaced photo and select Online actions > Update Online Photo

That’s all! Head over to your online album and see the new image with all your comments intact. Following the same procedure you can even replace an entire album.

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