Foursquare Android App Updated with Photos, Comments and Widgets

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Foursquare Android Photo Checkin

Foursquare has update its Android App today with two new heavily requested features: photos and comments.

After the update, the new photo feature will prompt you to attach a photo when you check in at a venue, similar to how you are now prompted for “shout.” Photos can also be added to tips and venues.

Photos you attach with your checkins are visible only to your friends and on the social networks you share your checkins on. As for photos associated with tips and venues, those are public and visible to all users.

With the new comments feature, you can now comment on your friends checkins. Comments are only visible with Foursquare friends. So, if you share a photo checkin with Facebook and Twitter, the photo and the checkin will be visible to everyone but the comments can only be seen by your friends who are logged in.

Along with those features another new feature is widgets, which is exclusive for Android users.

This feature adds two new home screen widgets. One allows faster checkins and the the other highlights the most recent activity from friends.

The update for BlackBerry users with photos and comments is scheduled for an early January 2011 release.

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