Resume YouTube Videos from Last Played Position in Chrome & Firefox

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While watching a YouTube video, if you had to close your browser or shutdown your computer, the clip starts from the beginning when you reopen it. Hardly convenient. Desktop media players like Media Player Classic and KMPlayer come with built-in feature to resume playback. This allows users to start videos and movies from where they left off. If you watch lengthy videos or movies on YouTube, you might be wanting such a feature to avoid those pesky clicking and searching to find your way back to where you were. Until YouTube itself adds it, here are some handy extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that adds auto-resume feature to the site.

Video Resumer for Chrome

True to its name, this extension marks your spot in YouTube videos and lets you automatically resume them later from where you left off.
YouTube Video Resumer for Google Chrome
The extension doesn’t need any manual configuration, in fact it doesn’t come with any such option. Just install it, continue using YouTube as you normally do. If you ever had to leave a video a in between, leave it. When you re-open the same page video resumes from your last viewed position.

Install: Video Resumer

resumeLater for Firefox

resume later for firefoxResumeLater works using bookmark functionality, something similar to what VLC does.

After installing the add-on, you’ll see a new green play-button-like icon at the bottom-right corner of the Firefox window. Whenever you wish to bookmark a particular point of the video, click on the icon to add one. You can add multiple bookmarks in the same video and they will all appear as list. To resume, just click on one of the saved bookmark link. To delete a bookmark, click on the red icon adjoining the link.

The list you see is a universal one. Which means, bookmarks added in other videos are also shown when you are on a different video page.

Install: Resume Later.