Save Google Plus Posts to Read It Later for Later Reading

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Plus it later is a simple Google Chrome extension that allows users to save Google Plus postings to their Read it Later account. A handy way to save those interesting and useful posts that you have no time to read at the moment.

Plus it later
Plus it later

How to setup

  • Download and install Plus it later from the Web Store.
  • Then, in browser, go to Tools -> Extensions -> Plus it later -> Options and enter your Read it Later credentials to connect with your account. On successful log in, you will get a message as seen below.

That’s all. Close the tab and head back to Google+.

In your stream, you should now see a new “Read it later” option beside the “Share” link under each post. To save a post of interest, just click on this new option.¬†On successfully saving of a post to Read it Later, you will get little notification.

There are other extensions that saves G+ posts for later reading, but the benefit of this extension is universal access to the content because of Read it Later, which is available for every device out there with an internet connection.

Plus it later works anywhere Chrome does. Get it now from the Web Store.

Download: Plus it later