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A Powerful Device Manager

Windows has its own build in device manager to install and uninstall drivers for devices or update them with the latest ones. Device Remover is an advanced and powerful Device Manager for Windows which has host of features which are not available in the default device manager for Windows. This […]

Super Maximize Windows To Your Screen

This is a tiny utility that will add an icon in the notification area of the Windows taskbar. When you double-click on the icon, it will resize the currently active window so the title bar is actually above the screen boundaries, thus saving those extra pixels that you don’t want […]

Copy Paste Helper

Lightweight utility CopyPasteTool saves multiple strings of clipboard text, and then cycles between them easily using the keyboard. Once installed, the utility puts an icon in your system tray—but otherwise runs completely in the background with very little memory usage. To use the new function, simply copy a couple of […]

Paper Plus

Paper Plus is a free desktop wallpaper manager, giving you control over your desktop backgrounds. With built-in support for both Windows Bitmap (BMP) and JPEG images, you can expand the choices available to you for desktop wallpaper. And the easy to use interface makes changing the wallpaper a simple task. […]


Keycounter provides a way of keeping track of when you’ve been active on your PC during the day. It does pretty much what it says – counts the number of keystrokes you make every minute and records that information, along with whether the mouse has moved. Keycounter can then be […]

What are MD5 Hash Strings?

Ever wondered what are MD5 which are seen when you download a file from any site? MD5 is usually used to verify the integrity of files that you download from the internet, the MD5 hash string associated with the files are basically hashes of the files that will allow you […]