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Turn Your Webcam into a Motion Detector

Motion Detection is a free application that turns your webcam into a motion-sensing security camera in just a few clicks. It saves still pictures and/or makes .avi files when anything inmotion is detected in front of the selected webcam. The pictures and the framesof the movies are timestamped. Assuming you’ve […]

Minimize Any Application to System Tray

TrayIt! is a software which save your Taskbar space for minimized windows. When any application is minimised with TrayIt! it creates a small icon in the System Tray. (System Tray area is located near the Clock). It is particularly useful for background tasks you typically keep running on your PC […]

5 Software to Undelete Files

Have you ever deleted any files by mistake and thought of a way to bring them back? Then this post will be useful to you. Here you will find a list of software which helps to restore files that have been deleted. They even help to bring back data even […]

Where Are FireFox Bookmarks Stored

Firefox has a pretty decent bookmark management system that allows you to store your favorites websites, so that you can visit them in future. Firefox saves your personal information such as bookmarks , passwords, and user preferences in a set of files called your profile , which is stored in […]

Firefox Bookmarks

Bookmarks (also called Favorites in some browsers) let you save links to pages in Firefox. You can easily revisit pages without having to remember the address or search for them again, much like using bookmarks in a book. How to bookmark a page? There are many ways to bookmark a […]

Enable User Scripts in Google Chrome

Update: You can directly install userscripts as extension in latest Google Chrome versions. In the Development Channel, Chrome adds the ability for users to add extensions to the browser, however extensions are not enabled by default and you will have to specify some startup parameters to them. To enable extensions […]