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Restore Deleted Contacts in Gmail

Gmail has added a new feature today which allows you to restore accidentally deleted contacts. This feature works back up to 30 days and the contact will be restored with same details as it was in at that time. All you need to do is go to Gmail’s Contacts section, hit “More […]

Record Phone Calls in Gmail

Google has quietly added a new feature in Gmail which enables recording of phone calls. With the click of a button you will be able to start/stop recording phone calls, while doing so it will also play a verbal warning to both users saying “this call is now being recorded,” and […]

Schedule Mails in Gmail

Scheduling mails is one extremely useful feature that’s currently missing from Gmail. Thanks to a company called Baydin we can have this feature in Gmail now. They have developed a plugin for Chrome (extension for Firefox) called Boomerang for Gmail that directly integrates into your Gmail interface and gives you features […]

Turn Off Conversation View in Gmail

Google just announced that users will soon be able to opt out of ‘conversation view‘, one of the features that makes it most different from others email services. Ever since Gmail took off, related messages were lumped into a single conversation or thread. Conversation view allowed users to browse through […]