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Tumbl Through Links Shared by Your Friends lets you browse through random links from your Twitter Timeline, Favorites and Lists much the same way you use Stumbleupon to discover interesting webpages. works similar to Friendshuffle but pages you Tumbl are served up by frequency and recency. Just go to the site, login/give permission to the […]

Shuffle Through Likes by Your Friends

FriendShuffle is a simple service that allows you to randomly shuffle through links shared by your Facebook and Twitter friends. Visit FriendShuffle and log in with your Facebook and/or Twitter account and it will create a web-framed slideshow of the pages “Liked” by your friends on Facebook or links that your friends have shared […]

List of all Twitter Shortcuts

Now everyone might have got the new Twitter. The new design is fast and has many features. One of the new feature is keyboard shortcuts. With the new twitter, need of mouse to use twitter has been reduced to the minimal as most of the actions like replying to a […]

Create a Profile Picture Using Your Friends

Frintr is a website that lets you create a Mosaic style picture using your friends’ profile picture from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Login Frintr with your Facebook, MySpace or Twitter account and it will fetch profile pictures of all your friends and create a mosaic picture. The resultant picture when […]

Twitter User Name @Israel Sold for Six Figures to Israel

Twitter account @Israel has been been sold to Israel in a six figures deal. Previously, the username was owned by Israel Meléndez, a Miami-based owner of a pornographic website. He obtain this account in 2007 but soon found himself flooded with messages criticising the policies of the Israeli government by […]

Tweet Your PC to Shutdown

TweetMyPC is an application you can install on your target PC. The application “listens” intently to all of the “tweet” messages that you send out from your Twitter account. Whenever you issue a command such as Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff – the computer does exactly as it’s told.