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Automatically Follow Back Twitter Users with YesFollow

If you are someone who returns the favor to every new Twitter user by following them back, then here’s a tool that will automate the task for you. YesFollow is a free web service that allows you to automatically follow any new Twitter user that follows you. Here’s a discription from the site: If you […]

Read Tweets in Google Reader

GTweet is a web app that lets you to subscribe and read tweets from Google Reader. The way it works is pretty simple. Click on the “Sign in with Twitter” button on the GTweet homepage and authenticate it. After providing access, it will show you a list of available feeds: Mentions (Tweets […]

Customize New Twitter Layout

Those who have used the new Twitter would have liked the fast new interface and features like Twitter Shortcuts but with the change your old customized profile may have also got spoiled. Twitter’s Profile Designer has still not been updated, so you are stuck with the old layout design. This can […]