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Phrases, Words, Idioms And Acronyms Meaning at MetaGlossary

MetaGlossary will help you find comprehensive information about phrases, words, idioms and acronyms from the Internet. The problem with traditional dictionaries is, that they are not updated and the content in them is outdated. But the smart technology employed in MetaGlossary constantly updates its database with harvested definitions from the […]

Older Version of New Software

Most of us like to keep all the software on our system up to date. New versions have exiting new features, old bugs ironed out. But not always, all the updated versions are guaranteed to work. There have been cases when the previous versions of the software would have worked/suited […]

Forget TinyURL, Now You Have DickensURL

DickensURL is similar to TinyURL, which lets you convert long urls into short 40 characters ones. In TinyURL if you don’t define your own custom alias for the links then the converted link comes out gibberish and doesn’t make any sense. Now this is where DickensURL comes into highlight, it […]

Find All Your Lost Your Manuals

Many people have the habit of throwing away the manuals of gadgets and appliances with the package soon after opening it as if it is some kind of unneeded thing that the manufacturers pack with the package itself. Later on when they have some kind of problem the only solution […]

Know Webpage Load Time

Would you like to know how long it takes to load a webpage? This website will measure the time for you. Enter the URL to be measured and watch the top of the window. How does it work? The stopwatch is a small Javascript that runs on user computer and […]