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Extract Original URL From Shortened URL with KnowURL

KnowURL is an online service which allow users to find, retrieve or unshorten the original URL hidden behind the Shortened URL. It supports almost all URL shortening sites like bit.ly, tr.im, tinyurl and many more. This can come handy when you’re unsure about the original link and want to confirm […]

Live Streaming TV Channels in India

Channels such as Colors, MTV India (Viacom18), Zoom, Times Now, ET Now (Times of India Group), STAR News, STAR Ananda, STAR Majha (STAR India), Headlines Today, Aaj Tak (India TV and TV Today) are now live streaming at Live.Indiatimes.com, from Times Internet Ltd. (Indiatimes). In case of some channels – particularly the Times Group channels and India TV there […]

How Long You Should Steep your Tea ?

Steeping Tea means how much time you should have tea in the boiling water so that the flavour and colour gets into the water to make tea. This is pretty important process because anything less or more can spoil the complete taste.

Create Temporary Anonymous Email Addresses

Ever wanted to sign up for any kind of online service or community without providing your real email address, for example because you don’t want to get spammed? tempalias helps you out by providing temporary, anonymous email addresses. Any message sent to the tempalias address will be forwarded anonymously to […]

Shares Files Browser-to-Browser without Limits

Web site FilesOverMiles shares files directly between your web browser and the person you want to share with, cutting out the web server as a middleman for instant, uncapped* peer-to-peer file sharing between two users. Using FilesOverMiles is simple. Like any other file-sharing site, you start by choosing the file […]

Free Typing Lessons on TypingWeb

Whether you’re an able but slow touch typist, or you never graduated beyond hunting and pecking, TypingWeb is a free and easy to use online typing tutor that will help you hone your keyboard chops.

Site Content Monitor [Tynt Tracer]

Tynt Tracer is a simple one-line Javascript that you can add to your site or blog to monitor the content from your site which users find most engaging. This means, whenever users highlight or copy-paste any text or pictures from your site, Tracer tracks it. What’s more, when users paste […]