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Create Secured Short URL from Mcaf.ee

Mcaf.ee is a secure-short URL service by McAfee. It lets you create short URLs that are scanned against McAfee’s databases of known spam, malware hosting or bot control sites prior to being shown. This assures those who click the short url know it’s safe. If the site is flagged dangerous, […]

Meet Inframutt – Google’s Evil Twin

When you do a search on Google, you get the most relevant and popular results, while Inframutt fetches and displays the least popular results to you. It’s the exact opposite of Google. What Inframutt exactly does is, it takes you to the last page on Google for any searched term. […]

Get Rid Of That Annoying Song Stuck In Your Head

Ever had a song stuck in your head that just won’t go away, no matter what you do and find yourself humming it all the time? Now you can get it out of your head using Unhear It. Unhear It is a website designed to get songs stuck in your head […]

Mail Your Files to Dropbox

Ever wished you could mail files to your Dropbox account? Then here are 3 sites that does exactly that: Send To Dropbox, AirDropper and Habilis. These sites, also makes it possible for anyone else you want to be able to upload files to your account, without giving out your id or password or […]

Compare, Find Difference Between Files Online

If you have two files that are similar but perhaps not identical, going through them to search for differences is a tiring and time consuming task. If the text files are longer than a couple of paragraphs, comparing them can even be near impossible. Thanks to these comparison websites – diffChecker, CompareMyFiles and CompareMyDocs, […]

BBC Launches Hindi Mobile Site with Audio Programs

BBC Hindi has announced the launch of its mobile site, featuring audio, text and image content targeting India’s growing mobile Internet user base. BBC Hindi is the first international broadcaster in India to offer all its audio broadcasts on its mobile site. The programmes will be available on demand within […]

The Wall Street Journal Launches Hindi Blog

Two days ago, The Wall Street Journal India launched a Hindi blog, called India Real Time, which offers topics related to entertainment, sports, politics, economy & business in India. The WSJ also has an English blog of the same name, but the content doesn’t appear to overlap. Some stories are a translation […]

Q&A Search Engine On SMS

A human powered search engine on SMS, that is positioned as a Q&A service. That’s Ask Birbal! How Ask Birbal works: Text your query to +91-9650607080. It needs no special codes or key words. You text your question as if you were asking a friend. You receive an acknowledgment SMS immediately. Followed by […]