Hide any Term, Phrase, Person, or Hashtag from Twitter & Facebook Feed

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Silencer for Google ChromeSilencer is a new Google Chrome extension that enables you to hide any term, phrase, person, or hashtag that you don’t want to read about in your Facebook and Twitter streams.

After installing the extension, it adds a button to the browser toolbar. Then when you are visiting Facebook or Twitter, just hit the button and enter the keyword that you’d like to mute. Say, you’re sick of seeing FarmVille updates in your feed, you can simply add “FarmVille” to the dictionary. Once you specify your term, Silencer will hide all content that fits those criteria from your Facebook News Feeds and Twitter streams.
Silencer also support keyword packs, though you can’t add your own, yet. Be default you’ll find packs for three popular television series. If you watch any of those, it should help to keep spoilers of your social media stream.

The extension keeps separate lists for Facebook and Twitter. This gives you flexibility in filtering different terms in each social network.

Silencer is still in beta stage, so you may find occasional bugs. However, it should improve over time as the developer states that Silencer is “being actively developed…and will have a steady stream of updates in the coming weeks and months.”

You can install Silencer from Chrome Web Store.