Disable URL Modification on Facebook, Google and Twitter on Clicking

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If you have ever tried copying any link from Facebook, Google or Twitter, lately, you would have seen that these services modify the original URL (see image below). You can view the actual unmodified URL if you hover your mouse pointer over the link on Facebook and Google, but just as you click on it – left or right-click, the JavaScript comes into action and change the link.

This can be quite frustrating, especially when you are trying to share a link with someone. To stop this annoyance, here are three userscripts that works on Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox, with Greasemonkey add-on installed.

Facebook URL

Clean Facebook link
Clean Facebook link

Install: Clean Facebook URL userscript

Google search URL

Clean Google search link
Clean Google search link

Install:  Clean Google search URL userscript

Twitter URL

Clean Twitter link
Clean Twitter link

Twitter replaces actual url with shortened t.co links, which it uses to check all links for spams. Shortened URLs are better for sharing, but if you’d rather like the original link then install below userscript to disable link shortening as well.

Install:  Clean Twitter URL userscript

These are some recommended extensions for your favorite browser that improves browsing experience. Install them and open a new tab page for the effect to take place.

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